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To place an order go to the home page, select the category you need from the list, scroll down and find the bullets you want, click on the Add To Cart button. This will take you to the shopping cart where you can, view the order, continue shopping, c
Our hard cast bullets are 100% American made with the finest Magma Engineering equipment and foundry alloy of 2% Tin, 6% Antimony and 92% Lead to give you consistent quality and a 16 Brinell Hardness Number(BHN). Our bullets are lubed with Thompson
Our black powder pistol bullets are cast from the same alloy as our smokeless bullets and lubed with our own superior performance black powder lube. You may ask “What is in our lube?”, but the standard cliché is “If I tell ya, I’ll have to shoot ya!
Black powder lubed bullets are designed for real black powder or black powder substitutes. Hard cast bullet lube is a paraffin base that will create an excess amount of fouling of black powder and will quickly compromise any type of accuracy with yo
We use USPS priority flat-rate shipping. All orders of 2000 bullets or more are FREE SHIPPING.
Yes, our hard cast bullets are lubed with Thompson Blue Angel Lube in the color of red. Our black powder bullets are lubed with our own superior performance black powder lube.
Like my mother always used to tell me if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but in your case please refer to our NO BS GUARANTEE. You may return them for a full refund, within 30 days of purchase.
No, but if you happen to stop in and are interested in a particular bullet, we are happy to give you a handful. Or go to our catalog and order some of our one-pound or two-pound sample packs to try.
Yes you may. Call us by phone and you may change or cancel your order any time prior to shipping. Shipping is generally completed within 48 hours, or refer to our NO BS GUARANTEE.
We normally maintain a large inventory of all bullets that we make unless you are ordering 20,000 or 30,000 of the same bullet. You are always welcome to call (307) 778-6636 and ask Hank or Dee if we have what you want already made. If not, it usual
Yes, but the timing delay for un-lubed and un-sized bullets may be until we are producing a run of that size bullet. The delay may be a week or two.
We strive to fill and ship all our orders within 2 business days from receipt.
Yes, we offer quantity discounts. Which means that for gun clubs and many different disciplines, i.e. Cowboy Action, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Defensive Pistol, NRA Action Pistol, Silhouettes, and other shooting disciplines, members can pool their order
Yes, we sponsor major shooting events. Please send us information about your upcoming event for consideration.
No we don’t, as that is a whole other procedure.
You may send us your order by snail mail with a personal check or phone your order in to us and use your credit card. If you wish to stop by and pick up your order we do still accept cash or checks at our location in Cheyenne. We also offer payment
We will attempt to get back to you with a response within 24-48 hours, but we too are avid shooters and do attend several shooting events. You may get a faster response with an email rather than with a phone call.
Yes, you may use a gift certificate, issued promotion code and/or quantity discount and also receive free shipping on orders over $100.00 (before discounts are applied).
Please do your own homework; it is up to you to determine which bullet will work best for you. We do have some helpful information on our Reloading Information page that you can use for your research.
Sorry due to liability we do not provide this information. Please check the Reloading Information Page for a reloading manual for your powder manufacture, most provide reloading data.
If you are a first time customer, you can make up whatever log in and password you want during checkout. You may also go to the My Account page to create an account, log in, or reset a lost password.
By selecting a login and password, you are able to place future orders without having to fill in the checkout form. Once you provide your login and password, the form will be filled out for you automatically. Also, you will have the ability to see yo
Your can view your order history by going to my account. You will need to know your login and password to access your order history.
It’s usually best to make a note of this information when the account is created. However, if you’ve lost this information you can request for your password to be reset on the My Account page. All you will need to have is the e-mail address you use
A rating obtained from a test (Brinell test) to determine the hardness of a metal by pressing a steel ball of a standard size into the metal using a standard force. Definition courtesy of Dictionary.com.