How do I place an order?
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To place an order go to the home page, select the category you need from the list, scroll down and find the bullets you want, click on the Add To Cart button. This will take you to the shopping cart where you can, view the order, continue shopping, change quantity, delete wrong items, or checkout. Once you have what you want in the cart go to checkout where you will fill out shipping and payment information. Once submitted we will be notified that you've placed an order and can proceed with processing and shipping.  

For those of you who want to mail order bullets, simply write out order, include caliber, type (shape), weight, diameter, amount and your shipping address. Send to address below with check or money order to cover cost and shipping.

Chey-Cast Bullets
1531 Otto Road
Cheyenne, WY  82001

Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us at (307) 778-6636 or by e-mail at